Surana Evening College

Trustee's Message

Stepping into 21st century learning with our new campus at Peenya, the Surana Group of Institutions is building a dynamic team of practitioners and masters to educate, guide and train learners from across India to explore one’s own potential and serve society to one’s best capability.

In a rapidly changing world the key to a holistic educational framework is one that allows for freedom of expression and exploration. A real social transformation is possible when learners understand multiple perspectives of reality, the importance of non-violent living and global trends in technology and innovation.

Our institutions are committed to quality education with a deep focus on values of compassion, mutual respect and cultivating non-violence in this new area. To ensure that our courses are effective we rely on assessments by Bangalore University, appreciating our work and providing us high ranks in academic excellence. Our excellent track record on placements, excellence in sports and an identity in the fields of art and culture is reflective of the mindfulness with which we craft lives of India’s future leaders.

Our vision is to make Surana College, Peenya campus a Centre for Innovation, a name to reckon with in the academic fraternity by giving a strong impetus to create an environment of interdisciplinary knowledge application and holistic education. We are future-ready to accept new challenges of contemporary living, making our institution an internationally recognized educational centre of knowledge and innovation.

I welcome all students to join the wonderful journey of learning and mastery, wishing everyone great success in finding the self, and serving society.

Archana Surana
Managing Trustee
Surana Educational Institutions

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