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At SEC we prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our staff members. The Staff Grievance Cell serves as a platform for addressing concerns and ensuring a conducive work environment for all.
Supportive Environment: Our primary objective is to provide support to staff members encountering grievances or concerns within our institution.
Fair Resolution: We are committed to ensuring fairness in addressing grievances, irrespective of the position or status of the complainant, fostering an
environment of equity and justice.
Confidentiality: We guarantee confidentiality to individuals who report grievances, ensuring their identity and concerns are handled with utmost
privacy and discretion.
Prompt Action: We promise to take prompt and appropriate action upon receiving reports of threatening statements, actions, or any breach in disciplinary acts, mitigating risks and fostering a safe working environment.
Zero-Tolerance Policy: SEC enforces a Zero-Tolerance Policy against threats, violence, or any form of misconduct, thereby fostering an environment
conducive to productivity and well-being for every member of our staff.
Your voice matters. We encourage all staff members to come forward and report any grievances or concerns they may have. By addressing issues collectively, we can work towards creating a safer, more inclusive, and supportive environment at SEC.
Reporting Procedure:
Submission of Grievance: Staff members can submit their grievances using the
following methods:

  • Submit a written complaint addressed to the Staff Grievance Cell.
  • Directly contact the designated Grievance Officer.

Investigation and Resolution:
Upon receiving a grievance, the Grievance Officer will initiate an investigation promptly. The investigation will involve gathering relevant information and conducting interviews with involved parties. The Grievance Officer will work towards a fair and impartial resolution, ensuring the concerns are adequately addressed.
Feedback and Follow-up:
Staff members will receive feedback on the resolution of their grievance. Follow-up actions may be taken to prevent recurrence of similar issues and to
monitor the effectiveness of the resolution.
Contact Information:
For any grievances or concerns, please reach out to:
Grievance Officer: Dr. GURUPRASAD B.G
Contact Number: 080 28486372


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