Surana Evening College



Academic ambience for quality learning is provided for the students through.

  • Technologically supported classrooms with LCD Facilitie
  • Upgraded Computer Science Laboratory
  • Well-equipped Business Laboratory
  • Library with extensive Support
  •  State-of-Art auditorium with Ac and Good acoustics
  • CCTV Surveillance Campus
  • Tight security for the safety of Students


Sports and athletics encourage both physical and mental wellness. The resources offered in Surana encourage students to engage in these activities. Students gain discipline, leadership skills, and teamwork abilities through participation. The Department of Physical Education at the institution enhances the facilities for both indoor and outdoor games and organises events to promote healthy competition. By encouraging fair play and sportsmanship, which promote a positive attitude towards life, it also aids in character development. These programmes also give students a chance to explore their potential and compete in inter-university, state-level, and national tournaments.


Started since 2022, the college sub-unit works as per the regulations of the Bangalore University NSS unit. The volunteers of the college sub-unit have many special accolades to their credit.
NSS Pledge
“I solemnly work with dedication to serve and strengthen freedom and integrity of the nation.         I further affirm that I shall never resort to violence and that all differences and disputes relating to the religion, language, region or political or economic graveness shall be settled by peaceful and constitutional manner.”


  • Campus cleaning programme
  • Blood Donation Camp.
  • Awareness Rally.
  • Celebration of national festivals
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