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The Doctorine of life

The tenet of Jain philosophy ‘Service to Mankind’ is basic to the functioning of the Surana Educational Institutions. The Jain doctrine believes in sound morals and establishment of close relationship between happiness and goodness. Jainism believes that the youth shall be made aware of, and alive to, the higher values of life and to a steadfast pursuit of these values.

It is his vision of providing various platforms for the youth to learn and imbibe the quality of service and leadership through which, they would be empowered to give back to society, whatever they owe.

GDA Foundation Objectives

The Foundation started in 1993 as a family Trust by the initiative and vision of Sri. G.C. Surana, industrialist, entrepreneur and visionary who committed himself for the cause and welfare of society.

The Foundation based in the garden city of Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA has been started with the following objectives:-

  • To start, run and support hospitals veterinary hospitals and medical dispensaries, research centers and take other steps calculated to further the cause of the medical relief;
  • To start, run or support schools, colleges, training centers for providing clinical, vocational and other types of institutes which would further the cause of education;
  • To give scholarships, medals, awards, prizes, books etc to the students of all cast and creeds;
  • To make donations or contributions for the relief of people distressed in floods, cyclones, earthquakes or any other natural calamities;
  • To erect shelters, sheds for the welfare of poor people;
  • To give food and clothing to poor children;
  • To donate for the eye operation for needy people;
  • To donate and take care for the cause of animals and birds.

The Foundation is one of the best things that could happen to the garden city of Bangalore as it has involved in public-private partnerships through developed and maintained Parks, provided vehicles to hospitals, erected medical centres, building renovations, supported schools and colleges, served the poor and needy individuals and organisations, catered to conserving environment and also held hands of other foundations and trusts.

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