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Integrated and Non-Integrated Programs For B.Com Evening College

Integrated and Non-Integrated Programs For B.Com Evening College

Non- Integrated Programme

The Bachelor of Commerce program allows students to obtain the requisite knowledge and skills from industry and business. It also provides students with computer knowledge and various accounting, statistical and analytical methods that are used in decision-making. The curriculum followed is of a contemporary nature and emphasizes issues of relevant current affairs. Students are provided with a wide variety of choices such as accounting, taxation, investment, and insurance.

The program also provides;

  • Greater employment opportunities
  • Greater career advancement
  • Vast career choice (CA, CS, CMA, MBA, M.Com., etc)
  • Vast job area

B.Com Integrated Programme

Integrated Programmes (B.Com + Professional courses coaching)

Why pursue professional course with B.Com?

  • Industries seek professional qualifications
  • Help you grow and sharpen your skills
  • They are updated with the latest industrial trends
  • Professional courses show your specific career paths
  • Financial Independence

Advantages of doing B. Com along with a Professional course

  • If you are planning to give further exams after a professional course, it is a must to get a bachelor’s degree. Professional courses are not accepted as a basic qualification to the competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, etc. So, our basic qualification (Graduation) is compulsory.
  • Additionally, the course content of B. Com is a subset of professional course for such students, B. Com exam are a cakewalk. The extensive knowledge which you gain while pursuing professional course is going to help very much.

Getting a B. Com degree will also open more job opportunities. It will act like a disaster management strategy.

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