Surana Evening College

Top Online BCom College in Bangalore: Why Choose Surana Evening College

Top Online BCom College in Bangalore: Why Choose Surana Evening College

Top Online BCom College in Bangalore: Why Choose Surana Evening College


Choosing the right college for pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree can significantly impact your career trajectory. Surana Evening College in Kengeri, Bangalore, stands out as a premier choice for students seeking flexibility and quality education.

Why Surana Evening College?

Flexible Scheduling: Surana Evening College offers evening classes, allowing students to balance work, internships, or other commitments during the day. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for working professionals and those with daytime obligations.

Quality Education: The college is affiliated with Bangalore University and follows a robust curriculum designed to meet industry standards. The faculty comprises experienced professionals who provide practical insights along with academic knowledge.

Modern Facilities: The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped lecture halls, computer labs, and an aesthetically designed seminar hall and auditorium. These resources create an engaging learning environment for students.

Career Opportunities: Graduates from Surana Evening College have access to a wide range of career opportunities. The college’s placement cell works diligently to connect students with top companies, ensuring successful job placements.

Affordable Education: Surana Evening College offers competitive fees, making quality education accessible to a broader audience. Additionally, the college provides various scholarship programs to support students from diverse backgrounds.

Community and Networking: The evening college format fosters a close-knit community where students can network and collaborate. Smaller class sizes ensure personalized attention and a more engaged learning experience.

Online Learning

Surana Evening College is also embracing the digital transformation by offering online BCom and BCA courses. This approach caters to the needs of students who prefer or require remote learning options, ensuring continuity in education despite geographic or time constraints.


For students seeking the best online BCom and BCA colleges in Bangalore, Surana Evening College offers an optimal blend of flexibility, quality education, and career support. Its commitment to providing value-based education and modern facilities makes it one of the top business colleges in Bangalore.

By choosing Surana Evening College, students can achieve their academic and professional goals while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

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