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Expert Tips for E-Filing Income Tax Returns: Lessons from a Live E-Workshop 2023

Expert Tips for E-Filing Income Tax Returns: Lessons from a Live E-Workshop 2023

E-Workshop on IT Returns Filing 2023

A live E-Workshop Event on Income Tax Returns Filing was organized on 26th April 2023 on ZOOM Cloud Meetings. The speaker of this workshop program was Mr. Sathyanarayana, – Assistant Professor at Jain (Deemed to Be University). Ms. Anusha L. V was the Program coordinator. The participants include students of the prestigious college in collaboration with the IQAC.

The workshop began at 7.30 pm through Zoom Online Platform. The event started with an invocation song from the student. All the registered participants attended the session, and the resource person of the programme, Mr. Sathyanarayana took over the session to explain IT Filing.

Objectives of the Programme:

  • To educate the students about ITR.
  • To create an awareness about how to file an ITR.
  • To Provide practical exposure to students in ITR.

About the ITR Filing

Mr. Sathyanarayana’s presentation about the E-Filing of Income Tax Returns was exemplary. Students who participated in the event were from BCom College. Mr. Sathyanarayana explains the essentials of filing the Income Tax Returns. He also conveyed what is included in the ITR filing, different types of ITR forms – who can file the returns with specific forms, etc.

He made the students aware of the technological implementations that have made it easy to file returns. A user-friendly approach to E-Returns has made it flexible for taxpayers. In the event, he demonstrated how IT filing starts by visiting the official website of Income Tax India.

Highlights of the Session

Programme Outcomes:

  • The participants understood why ITR is necessary.
  • The students learned about how the tax money will be used for economic development activities.
  • The students gained knowledge about the recent changes in tax policies and slab rates.

The information provided by Mr. Sathyanarayana was very productive and helped students quickly fill up the form and file the returns. Students have learned a lot of things about the benefits of IT returns, the limitations of not filing returns, and the delays in filing the returns. Overall, the entire session of the E-Workshop on Income Tax Returns Filing was very knowledgeable and necessary.

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